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Prevail adult wash cloths

Prevail adult wash cloths

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WW-710 (12 bags of 48) 576 CT 

12" x 8" Dimension of cloths

Prevail Adult Washcloths are designed to offer skin protection and are meant for proper incontinence care. These are thick and strong washcloths with three fabric layers to prevent tearing of the wipes. These washcloths help cleanse patients with mobility issues, bed-bound, and patients with incontinence problems. It helps in infection control via cleansing. It has an easy dispensing system with one wipe at a time. These adult washcloths moisturize the skin and feel soft to reduce skin irritation.

WW-910 (12 bags of 48) 576 CT

Prevail® Quilted Washcloths are engineered to clean and refresh the skin following leaks or product changes. The thick, quilted texture ensures thorough cleansing that's gentle on skin. Each wipe is hypoallergenic and enhanced with Lotion, Vitamin E, and Aloe to protect and soothe on a daily basis. Single-Hand Dispensing® allows you to grab one wipe at a time while triple-layer fabric makes each wipe durable so that clean-up is quick and waste-free.

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